Collateral Design


Solo® Cup Company

Eco-friendly BARE Brochure

The Challenge: Create demand/awareness for eco-forward paper dinnerware.

The Cassata Solution: Naturally, we employed clean, healthy graphics to communicate the benefits of this eco-forward product. Our trade brochure used recycled paper stock and simple, yet textured graphics. The result was a light footprint with realistic photography and newsworthy communication.


Sunstar® Americas Inc.

Light-up Crayola® Trade Kit

The Challenge: Tell key buyers about the new light-up toothbrush that flashes for a precise amount of time to encourage kids to brush teeth longer.

The Cassata Solution: A super glossy “window box” encouraged buyers to “demo” the light-up brushes without having to remove the brushes from their packaging. And, of course, we included a 6-panel informational brochure with fun, colorful graphs.


Solo® Cup Company

Squared Brochure

The Challenge: Introduce the trade to a new shape in disposable cups.

The Cassata Solution: We created a dimensional brochure to echo the unique SHAPE of their new product. We even reinforced the “textured grips” with raised embossing on the product image.


Bandai America Inc.

Yumblers® Trade Ad 

The Challenge: How to make a Gummy candy stand out at the NCA Candy Show.

The Cassata Solution: Capitalize on Thomas the Tank Engine® licensing equities. Since Thomas is the #1 pre-school brand, our trade ad highlighted Thomas’ equities and demonstrated the “active” nature of the wobbly egg with animated product illustrations. The result? In-show Brand building and clear communication of the Fun Factor.


Gold Eagle Company

Motivational Graphics for PR Initiative

The Challenge: Develop motivational materials for a company-wide directive.

The Cassata Solution: C&A brainstormed themes, developed graphics, wrote copy and contracted with outside vendors to create a range of engaging signs, tracking posters, floor stickers and much more, to encourage employee participation. We even created awards graphics and trophies.


Gold Eagle Company

Promotional Trade Advertising

The Challenge: Create compelling advertising targeting the serious “high performance” car enthusiast.

The Cassata Solution: Techy images, bold graphics, and quick-reading copy zeroes in on the target market with key communication touch points.

Avalon Brochure

Avalon Consumer Brochure

The Challenge: Introduce the advantages of Long and Luxe hair care collection with benefit driven claims.

The Cassata Solution: Our clean, orderly layout provided a clear decision tree for consumers. All copy and layout focused on 3 critical consumer haircare needs: Cleanse, Condition and Style. The brilliant white background provided pristine landscape for messaging.