Logo Design


Ragolds® USA

Got Fruit! Candy Logo Design

The Challenge: Design a brand, a logo and a package for a line of Real Fruit Candies. Additional challenge: make it bilingual!

The Cassata Solution: Orchard fresh visuals and sunshine-bright colors reflect the organic product premise. Framed in its very own splash of healthful green, the white logo reinforces the purity of the product. 


Bandai America Inc.

ForkzLogo Design

The Challenge: Create a wacky identity for this fun product concept.

The Cassata Solution: Much better than a stick in the eye, our logo embedded the candy in the logo font for a memorable “mark.”



Nerv Logo Design

The Challenge: Communicate New Age computer systems to Classic Car buyers. Called a Vehicle Management System, this item works as a BRAIN for older model cars. 

The Cassata Solution: A simple, friendly logo design that communicates straight talk and easy use. Our final art works in both web and printed applications.


Bandai America Inc.

Snow Avalanche Logo

The Challenge: Create a new character and logo targeting kids 6-12.

The Cassata Solution: Our designers breathed life into 2 new characters, creating memorable spokesmen and instant, on-shelf recognition for repeat purchases.


Gold Eagle Company

The Engine Answer Man Logo

The Challenge: Support event marketing “celebrity” for automotive race enthusiasts with a logo that can be used in multiple mediums: print, embroidery and large truck graphics.

The Cassata Solution: Brushed metallic logo design employs simple colors for optimal readability. The red color on MAN reinforces that this is a person—for immediate interface.


Gold Eagle Company

Cool Rides Online Logo

The Challenge: Promote social media interaction and build brand loyalty.

The Cassata Solution:  A simple “button” logo reinforces the ease by which enthusiasts can share their “Cool Rides” photos online. Direct copy and bright color infers a vital connection to the website and reinforces the Show Off experience.