Retail Merchandising


Eckrich® Foods

Ready Crisp® Grocery Display

The Challenge: Create a powerful in-store display to highlight traditional meal solutions using Ready to Eat bacon.

The Cassata Solution: Our direct copywriting was balanced by subtle stock imagery of a traditional family unit. Our graphics communicated simple food applications using colorful appetite images. We gained even more communication traction by creating pop-out die cutting on appetite imagery.


The Jel Sert Company

Wyler’s® Header

The Challenge: Deliver a refreshing approach to entice impulse purchases.

The Cassata Solution: Active fonts, dramatic fruit illustrations and bold colors create immediacy and refreshment.


Stone Container Corporation

Gift Wrap Display Concepts

The Challenge: Create seasonal display concepts for presentation to Big Box stores. 

The Cassata Solution: Cassata’s industrial designers created holiday “scenes” devoted to the organization and display of gift wrap products. Each module featured gift wraps and accessories, while storing back up product as well.



Solo® Cup Company

Holiday Display Design

The Challenge: Create seasonal graphics for retail.

The Cassata Solution: Using non-equity graphics, C&A created a festive holiday flair.


ACH Food Companies

Cinnabon® Display

The Challenge: House a wide range of product shapes and sizes in one display.

The Cassata Solution: Multi-tiered display features everyone’s favorite cinnamon roll in different categories: syrups and sprinkles.


Wrigley Co-op Merchandising Displays

The Challenge: Create a cross promotional power wing and counter display to highlight the Savings offer: Buy gum and soft drink to get $1.00 savings

The Cassata Solution: Bright color and simple visuals communicated the offer from a distance.Leveraging both brand names at point of purchase resulted in improved sales at checkout.