Package Design


Ragolds USA

Passports Candy Package Design

The Challenge: Create an identity for a complete line of European specialty candies destined for the U.S. market.

The Cassata Solution: Bringing European heritage to the U.S. Market, our packaging created a travelogue of taste appeal. The high gloss product image sits on a black dull varnish to support the premium platform.


Elis® Cheesecake

Package Collar Design

The Challenge: Design a series of collars to reflect the high quality ingredients, hand-made qualities and intense flavor profiles that are baked into every Eli’s Cheesecake.

The Cassata Solution: Telegraph the hand-made POD that is intrinsic to Eli’s baked goods. We framed appetite appeal imagery with soft lighting and jewel toned background colors. The clean type font provides clear readability despite the frosty glare in a freezer case!


Pilot Therapeutics

Gene Smart® Package Design

The Challenge: Create consumer-friendly packaging to explain a complicated medical product with consumer health benefits.

The Cassata Solution: Clean package design with clear communication hierarchy and consumer-friendly images to simplify the procedure.

Included a test kit, instruction booklet and return envelope.



Ready Crisp® Package Design

The Challenge: Communicate a wide range of meal occasions and usage opportunities for pre-cooked bacon. (It’s not just for breakfast any more!)

The Cassata Solution: Healthful colors and clean, simple graphics communicate the hassle-free preparation. Bright appetite photos drive home traditional taste appeal and optional meal occasions.



Blatz® Package Concept Design

The Challenge: Update package design to deliver contemporary refreshment to a younger target group.

The Cassata Solution: Multiple concepts that refocused imagery on cool refreshment while supporting the integrity of the beloved Blatz® identity.


Mount Franklin Foods

Snack Mom Package Design

The Challenge: Create a niche brand of snack mixes for the young gatekeeper and her family.

The Cassata Solution: A logo that salutes mom. Distinctive flavor color codes make shopping fast & easy.


Gold Eagle Company

Diesel Power® Package Design

The Challenge: Develop labels for automotive products that will stand out on-shelf in a dark retail environment.

The Cassata Solution: Clean, simple graphics that telegraph the “what for” in very few words. Bright background highlights brand name for quick read.



Graham Cracker Crumbs

The Challenge: Deliver taste and recipe variety supported by big brand logo ID.

The Cassata Solution: Our primary focus was on taste appeal. Multiple photos overlap to deliver recipe variety. The dominant Keebler logo adds taste credibility.


H2O Spa & Aquatics

The Challenge: Create a coordinated line of bath & body products for Disney® Resorts and Cruise Lines, co-branding H20 and Disney®.

The Cassata Solution: A multi-tiered packaging study of communication hierarchies. The resulting line of products blends multiple brand logos and product descriptors while subtly reflecting quality levels.


Italia Foods

Vallo Diano

The Challenge: Develop a line of Italian product packaging from scratch, destined for the Big Box store format. 

The Cassata Solution: Hands-on design direction for a wide line of Italian entreés. Design solutions included name generation, logo design, package design, photography, retouching, romance copywriting, 3D mock-ups, and NLEA guidance.